Paintings. Live concepts on canvas.

The art of Nadia Fanelli is to discompose and dematerialize. A philosophy that works through his paintings and creates not only an aesthetic but also a conceptual dialogue. References to the classic for the artist are essential to emphasize the dialogue of history between past and present. Plunging into the liquid notes of the artist's colors is understanding her philosophy. The technique that Nadia uses in her paintings is to represent the liquid aspect of today's society referring to Zygmunt Bauman’s work.

Painting. Everlasting evolution where uncertainty is the only certainty.

A destabilizing becoming that influences contemporary man in his choices and vision of the world. In the past the beauty of the art was given by the balance of proportions. Today beauty and aesthetic sense remain a task of art. Art that must amaze and sometimes provoke.

For the artist Nadia Fanelli the nostalgia of the classic becomes the only certainty. The reference to the past by art becomes a kind of therapy for the soul of contemporary man.
Nadia’s turns philosophy into harmonious parts in her paintings. They contextualize today's situation but at the same time they give a way to discover again the essential of the beauty.